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Certified Professional Companion Animal Hygienists

Treat your pet to a professional trim or grooming service during your pet’s stay with us. It is a perfect time for some pampering! We also accept grooming clients by appointment.

Professional pet grooming services are available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day except Wednesday and Sunday. Please call for an appointment: (304) 428-3518

Baths, Nail and Coat Trimming, Ear
Cleaning, and Oral Hygiene

Our Most Popular Grooming Services Include:

Baths (all baths include a nail trim & ear cleaning)
Ear Cleaning
Nail & Coat Trimming
Tooth Brushing & Oral Hygiene

Before and After Photos
Dog getting a bath

Bath Prices

Standard Bath prices vary according to weight and are as follows:

0-15 lbs.: $20
16-30 lbs.: $25
31-55 lbs.: $30
56-79 lbs.: $35
80 lbs.+: $42

What is Included in the Price of a Standard Bath?

Every Standard Bath that we offer has a full range of services included in the purchase price. Here is what our guests enjoy when you select a Standard Bath from our menu:

  • Nail Pads and Nails Trimmed
  • Full Brush Out to Eliminate Any Potential Mats or Tangles
  • Luxurious, Relaxing Bath with Selected Products
  • Rinse
  • Hand Dry
  • Full Brush Out
  • Stylish Scarf Application
  • And More

Special Salon Packages:

  • Bug Be Gone! Flea & Tick Package (includes Capstar, flea drops, & moisturizing bath)
  • Fabulous Fur De-Shedding Package (includes de-Shedding Shampoo & Moisturizer, Furminator)
  • Top Dog Premium Package (includes the finest moisturizer shampoo & conditioner, tooth brushing service, and coat sheen finishing)

We also offer the Zoom Groom Turbo Groom (we get your dog in & out FAST! Perfect for senior, disabled, and anxious dogs)!

Special salon packages and grooming service prices vary according to breed and type of groom desired. Please call for additional details. We service all ages and breeds!

Shampoo for a dog

We maintain a full stock of the high quality, affordable specialty cleansing, conditioning, and maintenance products that we use here at the salon. These items are available for purchase for your at-home use so that you can maintain your pet’s salon fresh style until your next visit with us.

We do not sedate our precious guests for any of our grooming and bathing services.