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When boarding 2 or more pets together, you will receive a discount of 20% or more!

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Daycare for Puppy Socialization & More

We encourage you to bring your new puppy to see us and spend time during the day at our daycare program while you are at work. Our team can provide crucial socialization skills and keep your home safe from accidents and destructive behaviors while you are at work until your puppy has been properly trained.

Our daycare program is available for new boarders who are afraid their pet may suffer from homesickness or separation anxiety. Our staff will help your pet adjust to our routine over the course of one or a few short days so that when you need to leave for an extended time, they will have an easier time adjusting.

This is also a good program for all dogs whose owners spend more than a few hours away during the day, and for dogs with special needs, such as an elderly or sick pet. We provide the care and companionship that they need while you are away. Dogs are very social animals and the effects of long periods away from human contact left alone in a crate can be distressing. Let us help!