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One-On-One Play

Benefits of One-on-One Play Vs. Group Play for Dogs

What is the Difference Between One-on-One and Group Play?

By the names, you can tell that there is one obvious difference between one-on-one play and group play. Your pet is either with other dogs or is solo. However, there are other differences that can really set your dog’s time at Winding Road Kennel apart from other kennels.

No matter the size of your dog, there is always the chance of injury during group play. Some dogs are rowdier or more energetic than others, and many may be skittish or territorial around other dogs. Instead of worrying about fights, injuries, or rough-housing on the playground, Winding Road Kennel takes advantage of one-on-one play.

For starters, your dog is missing you! Whether they are in daycare or boarding, they are in a new, and possibly unfamiliar, place. Your furry friend is used to time with their owners, and now they are somewhere else by themselves. Our experienced staff takes the time to give your pet the extra attention they need while you’re away, helping them adjust to our kennel. This way, your dog (or cat) can run and play without the added stress of unknown pups running around, and they get 100 percent of our attention the whole time!

Are There Actual Benefits to One-on-One Time During Boarding?

If your dog is used to other dogs or animals at home or at the park, you may think that they prefer being around other dogs than playing by themselves. While this might be true, they are in a different place and may be feeling down. As we mentioned, they’re in an unfamiliar place and without their family, and may not want to socialize with dogs they don’t know. By spending time with our staff, your pup can get extra love and attention to help them get more comfortable at our kennel. Remember that dog boarding is just as hard for them as it is for you.

Another benefit is that you know that your dog is safe! There are many different play styles, and your furry friend may not connect well with the others in our care. Some dogs are a little rough without meaning it, and other dogs can be territorial and aggressive when in an unknown place, regardless of size or breed. At Winding Road Kennel, your dog’s safety is our number one priority. By staying with them during their playtime, we can monitor their activity and make sure that they are adjusting well, especially if they have a longer stay.

I Have Multiple Dogs at Winding Road Kennel. Can They Play Together?

Yes! Dogs from the same family can play together at Winding Road Kennel. Our staff understands that your pets may not be comfortable in unknown or unfamiliar places, and they may need the extra support from their furry siblings. You can rest assured that your dogs will be able to spend quality time together during their stay, while still receiving the same amount of love and attention from our team.

If you have any concerns about your pets playing together, please speak with our staff before their stay. We want to make sure that your pets have the best time possible with us!

Get Additional Play Time During Your Dog’s Stay

During dog boarding or daycare, dogs go outside three times a day for potty and play time. We do offer additional play time or a family playtime package so everyone can play together longer. Talk to our staff when making your reservation to add playtime or our family package.

Make a Reservation for Daycare and Dog Boarding at Winding Road Kennel

When vacations, trips, and other events come up, it’s good to know that your beloved dog, cat, or other pet has a place to stay. Please call ahead to learn about our cat and dog boarding options or to schedule daycare to help your pet get used to our kennel and our staff, or visit our website to learn more about our services.

For more information on why we choose one-on-one play for the pets in our care, give Winding Road Kennel a call at (304) 428-3518, or follow us on Facebook.