What to Look for When Choosing a Kennel in WV

It’s Summer Vacation! Where are Your Pets Going to Stay?

While it is fun to plan your next summer excursion, finding the right place to board your beloved pets can be a challenge. Some pet owners may feel comfortable with trusting a friend or family member to stop by or keep their dogs or cats during vacation. Sometimes, a kennel is the only option. Luckily, Winding Road Kennel in Parkersburg, WV, is available for both dog boarding and cat boarding, as well as boarding options for reptiles, pigs, rabbits, and other species.

The staff at Winding Road Kennel understands how important your pets are to you. There is an unbreakable bond between owner and pet. Because of this, we do all we can to make your pets feel safe and loved while you are away. Enjoy your vacation while your pets have one with us!


How to Choose the Right Kennel When Boarding Your Pet

When leaving your cat or dog with strangers for a few days, there can be anxiety on both ends. At Winding Road Kennel, we offer a range of services for your pets that other kennels in WV or the surrounding areas do not. When researching what to look for in a kennel, consider these things that Winding Road Kennel has to offer:

Daycare. Winding Road Kennel offers daycare for cats and dogs at our facility. Before you commit to us as your kennel, we suggest doing a trial-run by bringing your pet in for the day. This way, both our staff and your dog or cat can acquaint themselves with each other, and your pet will better suit themselves to their surroundings. Especially if your pet is usually by themselves, there may be some differences when around other cats or dogs.

Discuss any special needs with our staff first. Like humans, all animals are different and require different needs than others. If your pet has any medical or dietary issues, please let our staff know in advance. While we can administer most medications, we are unable to administer insulin to cats. Our staff wants your pet to understand that they are in good hands, so we ask that you let us know well in advance of any special needs or requirements.

Play time is one-on-one only. Unlike other kennels, Winding Road Kennel allows one-on-one play only. We do not offer group play with other pets.

Additional outside time is available upon request. Pets receive 20 minutes of outdoor time, three times a day. For extra outdoor time, there is a $3.50 charge per day. Talk to our friendly staff about adding this to your pet’s stay when inquiring about our services.

To secure a spot, we recommend a reservation. In some instances, like holidays and weekends, our kennel fills up fairly quickly. Please make sure to call ahead to reserve a spot for your pet.


Guidelines for Boarding with Winding Road Kennel

While we would love to meet your pet, there are some guidelines owners must follow before we can permit pets to stay at our kennel. Please make sure that your pets are current on all vaccines – we do require paperwork proving that they are current. This is to keep your pet, our staff, and other pets in our care safe.

If this is your first time boarding, please arrive 30 to 45 minutes early for your appointment. This will allow us time to review any paperwork (unless it is previously faxed) and spend some time getting to know you and your pet. As mentioned above, we recommend bringing your pet in for our daycare services so we can get better acquainted.

We will keep you updated on everything that happens with your pet, and of course, we will send pictures of them enjoying their stay! Our team knows that seeing your pet playing gives much more peace of mind than a simple text. If there are any medical problems that come up, we will update you and seek veterinary help, if necessary. There is no need to worry – your pets will constantly be in good, caring hands.


Make Your Reservation at Winding Road Kennel Today!

Now that you know what to look for in a kennel, it’s time to choose! When you are planning your next vacation, whether it is a weekend adventure or a week getaway, Winding Road Kennel is here to keep your pets safe. Call us today to discuss our daycare and boarding options, or to make a reservation for a returning pet.


For more information on cat or dog boarding, give Winding Road Kennel a call at (304) 428-3518, or follow us on Facebook.