A Day in the Life at the Kennel – Winding Road Kennel

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Kennel – Know the Routine

It is important to consider a day in the life at the kennel when choosing a boarding facility your pets. What goes on while you’re away? Do your dogs, cats, and other pets receive the proper attention and care that they need? Maybe your pet is used to a routine at home, and you’re worried they’ll be anxious away.

Any staff member can give you a rundown, but it’s good to know what your pet will be doing. Of course, there are some things that will throw a wrench in the schedule, like a big mess to clean or inclement weather. The team at Winding Road Kennel works hard to provide a comfortable routine to keep your pets relaxed during their stay with us.

This month, we want to break down a day in the life at our kennel and what you can expect when boarding with us. We work to provide a routine for the pets in our care to help them feel safe and secure. If your pet needs any special accommodations, please let us know before they begin boarding with us.

We’re going to focus mainly on dog boarding today, but we do board other pets, too. Just speak with our staff for more information.

The Winding Road Kennel Morning Schedule

Our staff first begins the day at 7:30 AM, where we start with cleaning and disinfecting our facility. As all pet owners know, spills and accidents can happen, which is why we begin the day with cleaning out the kennels. We let your pets out to the outside run, weather permitting, so your dog can run around and stretch their legs as our staff gets cleaning! We pick up all toys and bedding, placing them safely in their basket. We spray down all of the kennels with quality disinfectant to properly kill any germs. After sitting for five minutes and rinsing, we fill water buckets and squeegee each kennel. The staff members use towels to properly dry the floor, decreasing the chance of slips and falls, and to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Once the toys and bedding are placed down and we have finished cleaning, it’s time for potty break number one. Staff will take each dog out individually to allow them to go to the bathroom and continue getting some fresh air. Around 11, any dogs that have extra play time will make their way back outside. They will go through their 20 extra minutes of play, getting out all the energy from breakfast.

Afternoon Individual Playtime

Around 1 PM, dogs will go back outside for individual playtime. Those in the same family will be able to play together. We will play ball, do some agility, and allow your dogs to run and stretch their legs. VCA (formerly Veterinary Centers of America) recommends agility for dogs to help promote strength and good exercise. Our staff member will keep an eye on your pet to make sure they are safe and having fun throughout their outdoor excursion. Once playtime is over, your pup will have time to rest their legs and relax until dinner time.

Filling Bellies with Breakfast and Dinner Schedules

In order to keep our dogs fed and comfortable, we follow a feeding schedule to make sure everyone gets fed properly. We will also distribute medications during these times. Breakfast is served after all dogs return to their kennels. They then get an hour to lay around and rest. This will help to prevent bloat. Dinner is around 5 PM. This gives dogs time to digest their food before their last time out for the night.

Our staff begins a bedtime routine at 7 PM called “tuck in” to keep your furry loved ones feel comfortable all night long. Every dog will go outside to use the bathroom again and get some fresh air before bed. Any pets that need medications will get their dose at this time, too. Staff will then check over each dog to make sure that they have enough bedding and water to be comfortable all night. We will “tuck them in” and say our goodbyes for the evening, letting them get some much needed rest. We will then be back at 7:30 AM to repeat the day again!

Visit Winding Road Kennel for a Kennel Tour

When choosing a kennel, we hope that you consider the daily routine provided for your dogs or other pets. We also offer daycare for your pets to spend time interacting with our staff. At Winding Road Kennel, we encourage new and prospective boarders to visit our kennel for a tour. This way your dog can get to see the kennel and meet the staff, helping them to prepare for their stay.

If you’re interested in boarding with us, reach out today. We suggest making reservations to ensure that your pet gets a spot for your preferred time.

For more information, give Winding Road Kennel a call at (304) 428-3518, or follow us on Facebook. We can provide more information of the day in the life at the kennel.