Boarding Your Pet in a Country Setting vs. City Setting

Are You Looking for a New Kennel? Consider One in the Country

When it comes to animal boarding, consider a country setting vs. city setting. Your pet needs room to run and feel the fresh air, not to be scared from loud noises and stuck inside most of the day. They may only have a small patch of grass to do their business or to play in, making their stay long and boring.

Winding Road Kennel in Parkersburg, WV, wants to remind pet owners to consider boarding their pets in a more country setting, especially while we are in the colder months. Having lots of room to exercise, run, and play will help your dog or other animal feel more comfortable and enjoy their time at the kennel.

If you’re still not sure about what kennel to choose, we’re here this month to give you the benefits of boarding in a rural area. Instead of worrying about the extra time on the drive, consider the many advantages for your pet.

Your Pet Needs Space to Run and Play

One important thing to think about when choosing a kennel is how much outdoor room they have. Your dog needs space to run and play, and a wide open yard is much better than a fenced-in slab of concrete or a small patch of grass. Instead of worrying about your pup being stuck inside all day or with quick trips in and out, kennels in the country have the proper accommodations to give your pet the outside time they need.

Dogs at Winding Road Kennel get three, 20-minute excursions outside, letting them run around and play with our staff. Without the space to stretch their legs, your pet may not feel as comfortable during long stays.

Another thing to consider is air pollution. Like Animal Wellness Magazine reminds us, pets need fresh, clean air, just like their owners. While not every countryside kennel will have perfectly fresh air, we do urge owners to research the area to see what kind of air quality is there.

Consider Noise Level and Pedestrians

When out in the country, many know that it can be fairly quiet and content. With only the occasional animal noise or loud driver, pets can feel comfortable in a relatively quiet and serene area. When comparing this to the buzz of a city, honking, pedestrians, sirens, and other noises can quickly scare and upset your pet.

If your home is in the city, then you may not worry much about how your pet will adjust. But those who live in more rural areas should consider the effects your pet may face. An unfamiliar area with loud noises, other animals, and strangers could make your dog, cat, or other animal very anxious and scared.

Concrete vs. Grass: Which Do You Prefer?

Another big indication of whether or not your dog will enjoy themselves is the ratio of concrete to grass. Playing on concrete, as we all know, is not the same as having the chance to play in grass. As we’ve mentioned, your dog needs to feel comfortable during their stay. Having that direct contact with grass will help them feel comfortable while playing, using the bathroom, or just rolling around in the sun.

The Animal Wellness article listed above also reminds pet owners about the importance of direct contact with the earth. They claim that letting your pet enjoy that connection with the earth can relax and rejuvenate them!

Consider the Weather and Temperature Effects, Too

One thing to think about is the weather and how the temperature will affect time outside. Depending on the season, it can be difficult to get your dog outside safely for play time. If the kennel is mainly concrete, the surface can get hot and deter staff from taking dogs outside for long periods of time. While this is of course safer, it’s also worth it to mention the benefits of grass again. Grass can help to keep your dog cool when outside and help their paws feel better, giving them more time to play outdoors.

Call on Winding Road Kennel for Animal Boarding

You know your pet better than anyone, and we know that you will make the right decision when boarding. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as driving the extra 10 or so minutes to find a more rural kennel, and we know that, too. For pet owners who can make these decisions, we hope that you consider the benefits of boarding in a country setting.

Located in Parkersburg, WV, Winding Road Kennel offers animal boarding for dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits, and other animals. We offer one-on-one play, as well, to keep dogs safe and secure during their stay, no matter how long they are with us. Give us a call to tour our facility or to make a reservation for boarding. We recommend that you bring your pet to us first so they can meet the staff and also tour the kennel. We look forward to meeting you and your pets.

For more information on our facility and services, give Winding Road Kennel a call at (304) 428-3518, or follow us on Facebook. We can provide additional benefits to boarding in a country setting vs. city.