Top 5 Ways You Can Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Winding Road Kennel Observes Responsible Dog Ownership Month

In recognition of Responsible Dog Ownership Month, our September blog focuses on ways you can be a responsible dog owner. In 2003, the American Kennel Club (AKC) organized Responsible Dog Ownership Day and started celebrating it annually across the U.S. Since then, pet care companies like Winding Road Kennel observe Responsible Dog Ownership Month in September. Five ways in which you can be a responsible dog owner include:


  • Accepting that dog ownership is a long-term commitment
  • Taking the time to research breeds
  • House training your dog and getting it a license and microchip
  • Mindfully trying to maintain wellness


Dog Ownership’s a Long-Term Commitment; Research Breeds & Be Sure

Owning a dog requires long-term commitment, both financially and emotionally. Before deciding to adopt a dog, we recommend assessing if you’re able to take on the economical and mental responsibility. If you don’t have the resources, time, and energy dog ownership requires, such a long-term commitment isn’t sustainable. Once you’ve determined you’re capable of the long-term commitment, you should research breeds and the qualities you want.


Learn How to Research Breeds and Determine the Dog Qualities You Want

When you research breeds, you consider various sizes, energy levels, grooming needs, abilities to train, and temperaments. The AKC offers resources to help you research breeds. You can also research breeds by speaking to veterinarians, trusted friends, local breed clubs, or by attending professional dog shows.


It’s Responsible to House Train, and Get Dogs a License and Microchip

Getting your dog its license and microchip is also an act of responsible dog ownership.  A license and microchip keeps your dog safe in case it gets lost or stolen. Some areas require domesticated dogs to have a license and microchip by law. Besides registering your dog with a license and microchip, you’re also a responsible dog owner when you house train it.


What Does it Mean to House Train Your Dog?

When you house train your dog, you teach it to relieve itself outside or in a special place. Puppies can take four to six months to house train. Older dogs can usually be house trained within a few weeks.


Responsible Dog Owners Maintain Wellness for Their Furry Friends

When you maintain wellness for your dog, you’re a responsible owner. In our August blog, we explained the importance of wellness checkups and vaccinations. Taking your dog for checkups and keeping their vaccinations current both maintain wellness. You also maintain wellness by keeping your dog well-groomed.


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