Why You Shouldn’t Give a Pet as a Gift This (or Any) Christmas

Merry Christmas to Our Furry Friends from Winding Road Kennel

In our final blog for 2022, we want to discuss why you shouldn’t give a pet as a gift. With the Christmas season close to us, we know that many children will ask for pets as presents. While it’s the tendency of parents to give children what they want as much as possible, it’s not always appropriate. This is especially true when deciding to give the gift of a dog. At Winding Road Kennel, we believe dogs are priceless treasures, but not the right gifts for any occasion. Among the reasons that you shouldn’t give a dog as a Christmas (or any kind of) gift are:


  • Dogs are Not Disposable
  • Holiday Decorations are Sometimes Dangerous
  • Enduring Pet Allergies and the Holiday Season are Overwhelming Times
  • Dogs Require Responsibility that Not Everyone Can Handle Long-Term


Dogs are Not Disposable, and Decorations are Sometimes Dangerous

Unlike toys or electronics, dogs are not disposable. An object that’s disposable is something that you can put away and pick up whenever it’s convenient. Dogs are living things which require much better attention than disposable items do. Besides dogs not being disposable, decorations are dangerous for domesticated animals like dogs, especially at Christmas.


How Decorations are Dangerous for Dogs

Holiday decorations are dangerous for dogs for many reasons. String tinsel, lights, broken ornaments, and similar decorations are dangerous physical hazards. Candy containing xylitol and batteries in electronic decorations are dangerous to a dog’s health. Poinsettia decorations are also dangerous, as they’re toxic to dogs and other domesticated animals.


Enduring Pet Allergies and the Holiday Season Are Overwhelming Times

Pet dander allergies are common, especially among those with other allergies or who have asthma. Child symptoms of pet dander allergies include sneezing, itchy, red or watery eyes, and frequent upward rubbing of the nose. Suffering with allergies during the holidays can make for overwhelming times. Holidays themselves are overwhelming times.


How Holidays are Overwhelming Times

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season creates overwhelming times for most people. Some find the holidays an overwhelming time due to grief and loss. Adding a dog to the mix can immensely increase such overwhelming times.


Dogs Require Responsibility that Not Everyone Can Handle Long-Term

Above all other reasons, dogs shouldn’t be given as gifts because they require a level of responsibility that not everyone can handle over time. A dog’s average lifespan is 10 to 13 years, all of which require long-term responsibility that may be difficult for a child. Young children usually don’t have the maturity level necessary to take care of a dog.


Taking dogs outside to relieve themselves, feeding, and grooming them require responsibility and discipline that children need time to develop. Having the inancial resources to maintain the dog’s physical health and nutrition also requires responsibilities that children don’t understand. Unless you have complete confidence in a gift’s recipients, don’t give them dogs without knowing that they understand that pets require responsibility.


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