Winding Road Kennel’s Ideas for a Dog Boarding Checklist 

Just Like Us, Dogs Have Their Vacation Checklists When Being Boarded

We have some dog boarding checklist ideas this month, as summer vacations are in full swing!  Sometimes the family vacation can’t include the four-legged family members we love. When those occasions arise, many families decide to board their dogs. Maybe you’re one of those who boards their dogs when going away for an extended period of time. If you are, some basic items on your boarding checklist should include bringing to Winding Road Kennel:

  • Vaccination Records
  • Medications
  • Food
  • Something that Smells Like You
  • The Dog’s Collar with Tags and Its Leash


Bring Vaccination Records, Medications, and Food When Boarding a Dog

When you’re boarding your dog with us or any kennel, it’s crucial to include their vaccination records and medications. Vaccination records could include certificates signed by your veterinarian signifying that your dog has its up-to-date shots. You could also send a letter from your vet’s office verifying this information as alternative vaccination records. If your dog is taking any medications, be sure to include them too. Don’t forget to detail instructions for administering medications. For good measure, make sure the boarding facility can reach your vet with questions about the medications. To prevent your dog from getting sick, you should also bring along its own food.


How Does Bringing Your Dog’s Own Food When You Board Prevent Sickness?

According to the American Kennel Club website, suddenly changing dogs’ food can be harmful for them, especially during stressful times. It can result in gastrointestinal problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and a decreased appetite. Having to stay outside of its familiar environment can cause the dog stress. Therefore, it’s better for the dog’s health to have its own food. You should also pack extra food in case travel plans change, and the dog ends up boarding longer than expected.


Don’t Forget Its Collar with Tags, Leash, and an Item that Smells Like You

The AKC also recommends including your dog’s collar with tags as identification when boarding, even if it has a microchip. The collar with tags should display information such as your dog’s name, your name, and your phone number, at least. Besides the collar with tags, you might also want to include a leash for easy walking. If you use a retractable leash, be sure to place a harness on the dog. Why? A retractable leash can damage a dog’s neck and throat. Finally, pack an item that smells like you to give the dog at bedtime.


Why Include an Item that Smells Like You When You Boarding Your Dog?

Our dogs miss us when we’re away. An item that smells like you holds your scent, your dog’s scent, and your household scents. Including an unwashed blanket or shirt will comfort your dog when it’s homesick.

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