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Four Simple Ways to Protect Your Dog’s Heart

Winding Road Kennel Recognizes American Heart Month in February

In this month’s blog, Winding Road Kennel want to share some simple ways to protect your dog’s heart. In recognition of American Heart Month, we believe that being mindful of your dog’s heart health is just as important as a human’s heart health. Though dog heart conditions generally aren’t reversible and mostly congenital, owners can stave off a dog’s heart problems with:


  • Proper Nutrition and Dental Care
  • Frequent Veterinarian Exams
  • Heartworm Prevention


Protect Dogs’ Hearts with Proper Nutrition and Effective Dental Care

Healthy dogs’ hearts start with healthy diet and nutrition. Just like humans, obesity is the enemy of dogs’ hearts. In our August 2022 blog, we explained that dogs aren’t strict carnivores, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC.) Proper nutrition for dogs includes a diet of meat, vegetables, grains, and fruits. If you have trouble establishing a diet consisting of proper nutrition, we suggest consulting your veterinary staff. Besides proper nutrition, effective and proper dental care also benefits dogs’ hearts.


How Does Dental Care Help Protect Dogs’ Hearts?

Improper dental care can lead to periodontal disease, the most common canine dental condition. Bacteria that colonize due to periodontal disease produce toxins that can enter the blood stream and create infections. These infections can damage dogs’ hearts and other organs, potentially leading to death. Ensuring that your dog gets proper, effective dental care can prevent these issues. As a bonus, dental care also prevents the spreading of plaque and tartar, damage to mouth tissues, and tooth loss.


Prevent Heartworm with Frequent Vet Exams to Protect Dogs’ Hearts

The most effective way to protect dogs’ hearts is frequent veterinarian exams. During exams, vets will listen to the dog’s heart to check for murmurs or irregular beats. Sometimes, they draw blood as part of their exams to look for threats to the hearts, like heartworms.


What are Heartworms, and How Do They Threaten Dogs’ Hearts?

Heartworms are parasites, also called Dirofilaria immitis. They are transmitted through mosquito bites. In dogs, heartworms mature into adults, mate, produce offspring, and have lifespans of five to seven years. As heartworm disease progresses in dogs, they sometimes develop heart failure via sudden blockages of blood flow. Heartworms in a dog’s heart can lead to a life-threatening form of cardiovascular collapse.


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