How to Prepare Your Dog for Spring

Spring at Winding Road Kennel Means Warm-Weather Dog Grooming

For March, we’re blogging about how to prepare your dog for spring. Before you know it, snow melts and grass grows, prompting the start of longer days and warmer weather. With spring comes seasonal allergies in both humans and dogs. Some dogs’ coats also start shedding more, with which Winding Road Kennel can help. Furthermore, when the weather warms up, dogs want to spend more time outside, where there is exposure to potentially toxic plants. Even so, it’s nice to take four-legged family members to dog parks in the spring for exercise and fresh air.


At Home this Spring, Be Mindful of Toxic Plants and Seasonal Allergies

Among the ways to prepare dogs for spring is taking stock of your yard for toxic plants and seasonal allergens. You should remove toxic plants like jimsonweed and hemlock before your dog ventures outside for long periods of time. Sometimes we aren’t aware that what we have in our yard are toxic plants or affect dogs’ seasonal allergies, though. If you have toxic plants like tulips, hyacinth, or azaleas adorning your yard, make sure your dog can’t access them.


Just like humans, dogs experience seasonal allergies. Unlike humans, though, dogs’ seasonal allergies symptoms slightly differ. Symptoms that indicate your dog has seasonal allergies include:


  • Itchy Skin
  • Recurrent Ear Infections
  • Red and/or Swollen Eyes
  • Clear, Runny Nose
  • Fits of Sneezing


Schedule a Wellness Physical Exam, Then See a Groomer about Shedding

Another way to get your dog ready for spring is scheduling a physical exam. In our August 2022 blog, we explained the benefits of regular wellness check-ups. Wellness check-ups often include physical exams, during which the vet might discover if your dog has seasonal allergies. A physical exam can also determine if your dog’s shedding is seasonal or chronic. At the very least, your dog’s physical exam and wellness check-up should include vaccinations. In the spring, dogs are susceptible to Lyme disease from ticks and heartworms from mosquitos; both conditions have vaccinations.


After completing your dog’s physical exam, consider taking it to a groomer about its shedding. Professional groomers reduce shedding with special tools and cleansers, designed to gently remove loose hairs before they fall out. Dogs prone to seasonal shedding include collies, Samoyeds, and Alaskan Malamutes. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), these breeds have a higher incidence of shedding in both spring and fall.


Scope Out a Dog Park or Two Near You for Your Four-Legged Friend

When the snow and ice melts, you might want to check out dog parks nearby. At a dog park, your four-legged friend gets physical exercise and fresh air. Dog parks also offer an opportunity for sensory stimulation. If others visit the dog park with their four-legged buddies, taking yours opens a gateway for socialization. Socialization benefits dogs by teaching them to develop new and good behaviors.


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