How to Recognize the Signs of Stress or Pain with Dogs

If Your Dog’s in Pain or Stressed, Wait to Come to Winding Road Kennel

We’re sharing signs of stress or pain with dogs as our blog topic for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Dogs which are victims of cruelty have undergone severe stress and/or pain. These animals often exhibit symptoms like pacing, shaking, panting, and excessive behaviors of licking themselves, barking, or chewing objects.


If you notice such symptoms in a dog that you’ve recently adopted, it could indicate prior cruelty before its adoption. That said, we don’t mean to suggest everyone is guilty of animal cruelty simply because a dog has these symptoms. We simply want dog owners to be aware of symptoms that indicate stress and pain. Furthermore, at Winding Road Kennel, clients should hold off from bringing dogs to us with these symptoms until they’re manageable.


Pacing, Shaking, and Panting Indicate Your Dog’s in Pain or Stressed Out

If you notice your dog is pacing, shaking, or panting a lot, it could indicate pain or stress. Pacing is when a dog makes wide circling movements repeatedly. Shaking due to pain or stress occurs when exterior temperature doesn’t warrant a shiver. Panting is symptomatic of a release in adrenaline and increase of a dog’s heart and respiratory rates. Other possible reasons your dog is pacing, shaking, or panting that aren’t necessarily pain or stress related include:


  • Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Vision Loss
  • Medication Side Effects


Your Dog Might Have Pain or Stress if Exhibiting Excessive Behaviors

Besides panting, shaking, and pacing, dogs indicate they’re in pain or stressed when repeating excessive behaviors. Dogs exhibit excessive behaviors as a coping mechanism. If your dog hardly ever barks or licks, but suddenly starts barking or licking more, those are excessive behaviors. If your dog’s behavior seems excessive, we recommend seeing a veterinarian ASAP. In addition to barking and licking, other excessive behaviors can include:


  • Sleeping
  • Yawning
  • Drooling
  • Chewing Objects


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