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Importance of Kennel Cleanliness for Pets and Staff

Winding Road Kennel Takes Kennel Cleanliness Seriously

When boarding and grooming at Winding Road Kennel, pet owners can trust that we take kennel cleanliness very seriously. Dirty or messy kennels or play areas can result in sickness or injury to both pets, owners, and staff. Wet floors, trip hazards, and other issues can quickly appear and cause irreversible damage. The Winding Road Kennel staff stays up-to-date on proper cleaning standards. We work to provide a safe, sanitized space for all who enter, both on two legs and four!

This month we’re going to discuss some tips and reasons to take kennel cleanliness seriously. Remember that pets can get sick just like humans do – and it’s essential to keep them clean and healthy.

Using Pet-Safe Disinfectants to Clean Living Spaces

At Winding Road Kennel, your pet’s safety and health is top priority. We always use pet-safe cleaners when cleaning kennels and other areas. We do our best to avoid cleaners with harsh smells to avoid disturbing pets and owners as they visit.

Our groomers are fully licensed Companion Animal Hygienists. Winding Road Kennel also belongs to the National Dog Groomers Association of America and the Pet Care Services Association. We are sure to follow cleanliness guidelines set by these organizations to ensure your pets are well cared for.

Cleaning Routine at Winding Road Kennel

A few months ago we went over our daily routine. Part of this routine includes regular cleaning to make sure your pets are safe. While your dog is out in the run, our staff gets to work cleaning the area. We first pick up any toys and bedding and place them away from the area. Our staff is sure to not get any cleaning products on objects that your dog will lay on or have in their mouth.

Next, we spray down each kennel with quality disinfectant. This will kill off any germs that could be in the space, whether from an accident or just from regular interaction. The disinfectant stays on the surface for five minutes, and we squeegee each kennel. Once clean, the staff member will dry up remaining wet spots with towels. This will ensure that no pets, owners, or staff will slip, and can prevent bacteria from spreading.

We know that accidents can happen, especially if dogs or other pets are nervous or uncomfortable. Owners can trust that staff will clean up any bathroom messes as soon as we see it. Runs are also well maintained to ensure that dogs do not come into contact with any of our other pet’s messes.

Additional Cleanliness Factors that We Consider

There is more to kennel cleaning than just regular floor disinfecting each day. The American Kennel Club (AKC) offers a few reminders on how to keep kennels clean for pets and humans alike.

As we mentioned above, we are sure to keep cleaning product smells low, as pets and humans can have sensitivities. Checking ammonia levels is a necessary part of keeping kennels clean. Staff must also pay close attention to other surfaces like grooming tables, kennel doors, and other spaces that pets may come into contact with. Ignoring these spots can allow for cross-contamination. Even things like washing your hands after petting a dog is essential to kennel cleanliness!

The AKC also reminds kennel staff to check lighting. Without the proper lighting, dirt and messes can easily hide. Be sure that all light bulbs and fixtures are bright. If there are any burnt out lights, make sure to change them right away.

How to Keep Your Pet’s Space Clean at Home

When bringing pets to our facility, we hope that pet owners also provide us with clean items. Make sure to properly clean blankets and toys before bringing to any kennel to avoid the spread of bacteria. Remember to wash these blankets and toys once they are back home, too.

Cleaning up messes with proper disinfecting wipes and sprays is important to make sure your pet’s space is clean. Check the label on any cleaning supplies to make sure that they are pet safe.

“How Do I Know a Kennel Uses Proper Cleaning Practices?”

As a pet owner, you want your dog, cat, or other pet to be safe while at a kennel or grooming facility. You may be asking, “how do I know if the kennel uses proper cleaning practices?” There are a few ways to tell. One thing you may do is just simply ask. Speak with the staff when making the appointment and ask about their day-to-day routine. Ask them what cleaning products they use, and how often they clean the kennels per day.

Another way to check for kennel cleanliness is to tour the facility. Winding Road Kennel recommends pet owners to tour our kennel before boarding. That way you can see where your pet will be and meet some of their caretakers. If you tour a kennel and feel that it isn’t clean or you have other worries, you can move on to the next one.

Contact Winding Road Kennel for Kennel Cleanliness Tips

If you are looking for a clean, safe kennel in the Mid-Ohio Valley, call on Winding Road Kennel in Parkersburg. Our staff works diligently to keep our kennel and grooming spaces clean. From bathroom messes to simply cleaning up hair and food, we strive to have a clean space for pets, staff, and owners.

For more information on kennel cleanliness or to book a boarding stay, call us! Our friendly staff looks forward to meeting you and your four-legged friends.

When you need a kennel in the Mid-Ohio Valley, count on Winding Road Kennel. For more information about our services, give Winding Road Kennel a call at (304) 428-3518, or follow us on Facebook. We can provide more information on the importance of kennel cleanliness.